Escape to Hong Kong in July 2014

A brief summary on the itinerary

Escape Plan to Hong Kong in July 2014:

Total duration 3D2N
Singapore is in the same time zone as Hong Kong.
Flight time is 4hrs direct flight on Cathay Pacific from Singapore to Hong Kong.
Morning flight on 12th July and arrival in Hong Kong at 11am on the same day.

Day 1 Arrival in Hong Kong, Eat and Shop
Day 2 Eat and Shop and the Highest Room in the World
Day 3 Eat and Shop and Home Sweet Home

This escape plan was to celebrate my wife’s birthday with a short getaway. With the ticket prices for Cathay Pacific quite value for money, about $360 all in, it was good chance to escape for this special occasion

Budget nature: Affordable travel and affordable Michelin star eats. We splurge on the stay though.

Moving around in the MTR is cheap with Octopus card. But the train is just as crowded as in Singapore if you are there during the summer holidays, such as this period. Michelin stars eatery are everywhere and they are affordable. We tried only 2 places this trip and both are not expensive.

We splurged on one night stay in the Highest Hotel in the World (As of 2014) for that special day to celebrate my wife’s birthday. Luxurious yet of impeccable service. Probably worth the experience once in a lifetime.

Complexity: Easy to get around

The main shopping and eating places were easily covered with the MTR, made moving around effortless. There are signs in English, and people seemed conversant in English, shouldn’t be too hard to travel.