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My name is Yeo Zi Yi. I come from a tiny city named Singapore, known to some as the Little Red Dot. I have been living here since birth thus I often get the urge to escape from this dot from time to time. Getting away from the stress and the sea of people to see the world brings me great pleasure.

When I graduated in 2005, I took a 20ish days trip with a Contiki tour to Central Europe and bringing out wander-lust in me. Since then, I have been travelling at a minimum of 2 times a year if I can afford it. I travel usually with my wife, whom shares the same interest and we aspire to travel the world. We have been to many places but as we reminisce now, memories of some visits have started to become foggy. And so I started this blog to jot down interesting events that have happened. Hopefully this would be able to bring us back to the time when we were there, when we revisit these pages.

Why write another Singapore Travel Blog?

I wrote this blog as detailed as possible in order to remember the little interesting info and experiences that I picked up during my travel. Each page represented a day of the trip (if it was worth a page) and it might be a little confusing. If lost, always start back at Home and then to the Past Escapes pages.

I have included the itineraries that we have done for the trip and were trips from Singapore. Hopefully this would become not only a blog for me to ramble on but also a blog with itineraries for like minded travellers to refer to when planning for their travel.

Just like life itself, the itineraries started to change from being a couple only travel (BC – Before Child) to being more family friendly/oriented (AD – As Dad) post 2014. The trip also evolved and became more inclusive of our son’s interest as he grows up. Therefore, those without kids might find post 2014 lacking, shallow and even boring.

Last but not least…

Read if you enjoy, and comments are always welcomed! Have fun exploring! Follow me on Instagram @madyeomad for pictures. Reach out to me, while planning for that trip, by dropping a comment or email and I will try to help as much as I can remember!

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      Thanks for dropping by and also placing my ramblings under your list of blogs! Hope you find something useful during this visit and enjoy your travels!


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