South Korea 2011 Day 4 – Seoraksan cable car, Gwongeumseong Fortress and bus to Daegu

Crowd even at early timing, at Sorak Cable car.
Squeezy ride up.
Misty view.
View from the viewpoint.
Info on Gwongeumseong Fortress.
Same view.
Someone admiring the scenery under the umbrella.
As far as we went, rocks were slippery.
Brightly coloured leaves of trees in Autumn.
Lovely autumn hues on day 2 of forest trekking.
Nice walk paths.
Ready for the frequent light drizzle.
Just walking through the forest…
Trekking to the falls.
Tail end of Biryong Falls
One of the many bridges over water.
Maintaining order even in the forest.
Walking path back to entrance,
Misty mountain sighted.
Bread for breakfast.
Waffles available.
Hot choco perfect in the cold weather.
Room heating.
Korean signages, showing BukDaegu 북대구
Korean titbits for the road.
Andong Service area as a rest stop.
Twin room in Crystal Hotel in Daegu.
Overall room, not too spacious.

South Korea 2011 Day 3 – To Seoraksan, Sinheungsa and hiking

Inside Dong Seoul Bus terminal
Sokcho bus tickets, amongst the many buses available.
Signboard showing the bus lane where the bus is parked.
Many buses
Pyeongchang service stop en-route to Sokcho.
Timetable to Daegu for the next day
Inside the Sokcho bus station
Sokcho intercity bus terminal
Traditional bedding in room
Korean style room at the hotel
View from the room
Toilet with tub
Seorak Hotel
Gate at Seoraksan
Sinheungsa buddha
Dragon head carving
Bridge across a small stream
One of the gate of Sinheungsa temple
So our trek began
What looked like dried up river
Colours of autumn evident
Red leaves, unedited
Rugged peaks peeking above the foliage
Can’t get enough of the mountains, streams and trees
Clear water
Sometimes green in colour
Track made up of untouched rocks
More peaks in the setting sun
Map to tell us where we were
Direction to Biseondae Rock
A little mouse
More autumn feels
A squirrel people watching these trekkers
Crossing a bridge
Sign to show what we were looking at
One of the couple of bridges
Chinese carvings on the Biseondae rocks
Typical korean meal back at the hotel
Restaurant where we had our dinner near the hotel