South Korea 2011 Day 5 – Day trip to historical town of Gyeongju

Electric cars charging station outside the hotel.
Took the subway to dong Daegu.
Noticed a familiar Japanese store in Korea.
Dongdaegu Express bus terminal
Dongdaegu train station.
Bus schedule.
Going to board the bus.
Bus to Gyeongju.
Gyeongju express bus terminal to go to Gyeongju.
Popped into this cafe to get warm while waiting for bus.
Tourist information counter at Gyeongju.
Autumn leaves as we walked around.
Fearsome looking statues.
4 heavenly gods, similar to Chinese religion.
Bulguksa Temple
Dabotap and its surroundings.
One of the many small buildings.
Looked like a golden piglet.
Beautiful roof architecture.
Turtle statue representing longevity.


Beautiful scenery on the way to Seokguram Grotto.
Seokguram Grotto also UNESCO heritage site.
More green roof buildings.
Which housed a giant bell.


Misty and rainy weather.
Tranquil site lest the visitors
Had a sip of water straight from nature.
Finally had lunch, typical sides.
Pork fillet with rice.


Boiling hot soup.
Bus to Anapji Pond. Money box that could return change.
More of such pavilion at the pond.
Huge pond that is calm.
Huge stork admiring standing still.
Sun almost setting.
Fish in the pond.
Saw a scurrying squirrel.
Walked to Cheomseongdae.
Mobile food stall.
Bought a pastry.
The tasty filings inside.
Cheomseongdae observatory.
Tombs are also UNESCO sites.
Little pyramids that were tombs.
Saw a horse carriage here.
Gyeongju street view, quiet.
Autumn could be the most colourful time.
Pond complemented the colourful trees.
Cheonmachong, tomb of a king.
Tojong Chalboribbang (토종찰보리빵) selling Gyeongju Bread.
Saw this cute bear display.
Popped into subway restaurant.
The insides.
Ordered Kimbap
Ramyeon for dinner.
Open concept kitchen to prepare the Kimbap.
Gyeongju bread made of red bean paste.
How it looked inside.
Also bought the Doraemon “Dorayaki” variant.


South Korea 2011 Day 4 – Seoraksan cable car, Gwongeumseong Fortress and bus to Daegu

Crowd even at early timing, at Sorak Cable car.
Squeezy ride up.
Misty view.
View from the viewpoint.
Info on Gwongeumseong Fortress.
Same view.
Someone admiring the scenery under the umbrella.
As far as we went, rocks were slippery.
Brightly coloured leaves of trees in Autumn.
Lovely autumn hues on day 2 of forest trekking.
Nice walk paths.
Ready for the frequent light drizzle.
Just walking through the forest…
Trekking to the falls.
Tail end of Biryong Falls
One of the many bridges over water.
Maintaining order even in the forest.
Walking path back to entrance,
Misty mountain sighted.
Bread for breakfast.
Waffles available.
Hot choco perfect in the cold weather.
Room heating.
Korean signages, showing BukDaegu 북대구
Korean titbits for the road.
Andong Service area as a rest stop.
Twin room in Crystal Hotel in Daegu.
Overall room, not too spacious.