Escape plan to Legoland Johor 2016 NYE

A brief summary on the itinerary

Escape Plan to Legoland Johor 2016:

Total duration 2D1N
There is no time difference between Singapore and Johor.

Day 1 Arrival in Legoland, Waterpark and Fireworks
Day 2 Legoland theme park and Home Sweet Home

This trip was planned as a getaway to celebrate the New Year of 2017. We didn’t cater any trips and therefore a short escape to Legoland to spend the night was planned instead.

Budget – expensive in theme park.

As expected, theme parks were never cheap places to visit. The hotel stay itself costed SGD$500 already and things sold in the theme park were expensive. However, there were some discounts for purchase of the 2-day tickets, for about SGD$160, together with the hotel stay.

Complexity – Driving took only 15mins from Tuas Checkpoint

It was a pretty straightforward drive, with signboards showing directions to Legoland. We were surprised that it was even that close! However, I felt that the area around it was still a little undeveloped and thus secluded and personal transportation should be easier and offers more flexibility, though there should be available day trips and transportation options available.