Escape Plan to Uluru, Ayers Rock February 2010

A brief summary on the itinerary

Escape Plan to Uluru, Ayers Rock 2010:

Total duration 4D4N
Darwin and Ayers Rock is 1.5hrs ahead of Singapore.
Flight time is 4hrs 35mins to Darwin International Terminal in Darwin, transit of 3hrs 25mins followed by 2hrs flight to Alice Springs Airport in Alice Spring, transit of 4hrs 30mins followed by 50mins flight to Ayers Rock.

Flight was overnight flight on Jetstar Airlines on the 12th February at 9:55pm and arrival in Darwin at 4:05am.
Flight departure on Qantas Airlines on the same day at 7:30am and arrival in Alice Spring at 10:30am and departure on the same day at 2pm and arrival in Ayers Rock at 2:50pm.

Return flight was on Qantas Airlines on the 16th Febuary at 9:35am in Ayers Rock and arrival in Alice Springs at 10:20am and departure on the same day at 11:00am and arrive in Darwin at 12:55pm.
Flight departure on Jetstar Airlines on the same day at 4:10pm in Darwin and arrival in Singapore at 7:10pm.

Day 0/1 – Short visit to Alice Springs town, arrival in Ayers Rock and Sunset at Ayers Rock
Day 2 – Sunrise at Ayers Rock, Ayers Rock climb, Mount Olga visit and sunset
Day 3 – Rest and Relax at accommodation
Day 4 – Sunrise at Ayer’s Rock and Home Sweet Home

This escape plan was planned as a getaway for Valentine’s day and Chinese New Year super long weekend in 2010. We chose a place where it was not cold so we went south where it was summer time in Australia. And a short Ayers Rock fit the bill for a short getaway.

Budget nature: A little bit pricey

There were at least 2 flight ransfers required to get there and thus plane tickets alone were not cheap. Ayers Rock is in the middle of a desert and accommodation is also expected to be not cheap for a simple place to sleep in.

Complexity: Not too difficult

Other than timing the flights so that there was enough time for transfer, the tour around Ayers Rock can be done with self drive which really simple.

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