Escape plan to Bintan February 2015

A brief summary on the itinerary

Escape Plan to Bintan February 2015:

Total duration 3D2N
Singapore is 1hr behind Bintan.
Ferry time is 1hrs on Bintan Resort Ferries from Singapore to Bintan.
Afternoon ferry on 18th February at 2pm and arrival in Bintan at 2pm..
Return ferry is on the 20th February at 230pm and arrival in Singapore at 430pm.

Day 1 Arrival in Bintan
Day 2 To the beach and back
Day 3 Home Sweet Home

This escape plan was planned as our trial trip with the coming of our little one. We chose to visit Bintan because we wanted to introduce progressively travel to the baby and therefore find an overseas trip where a flight was not required. It was a super long weekend holiday as the Chinese New Year was on Thursday and Friday and what better way to travel without taking official leave?

Budget nature: Budget buster.

Although it was a simple trip to Bintan, the last minute booking coupled with the long holiday period meant that prices would be marked up. The amount spent on accommodation was already very high, the Chinese New Year day room rate was more than double on the usual day itself. Due to unavailability of the ferry tickets at that time slot, we had to settle of the “business” class seats and that was slightly less than twice an economy class seat.

Complexity: Easy, except for adapting to traveling with a baby.

Since all the transfers were arranged, there was nothing difficult about getting to the resort. All these comes with a cost but when travelling with a young one, paying some to remove transportation worries might be worth it.

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