Sydney 2014 Day 4 – Home Sweet Home

Woke up early to bring the car back to rental company. Checked on google maps to ensure we knew where we were going so as to reduce the confusion especially when driving in Monday morning traffic. Returned to the parking spot where thankfully the car was still around. Still missed a turn or 2 while driving in the smaller roads but made it to the major Williams road and managed to park the car in front of the store before it opened. 15mins later, we returned the car with no complications.

Returned to the room to nap a little before getting breakfast at Woolloomooloo supermarket. There was some time left and we went over to Quiksilver outlet at King’s street for last minute shopping and bought a couple of items. Rushed back, took a bath, checked out and was just in time when Airbus arrived for our shuttle to the airport. It seemed like a blink of an eye – everything happened so quickly.

After going around town picking up passengers, we reached the airport at 1145 and checked in, which was pretty quick as there weren’t any queue. Went into the departure hall and at the customs, we were told to fill up departure cards – it was no wonder why there were many people crowded behind seemingly filling up some paperwork. Luckily there were some empty ones which we quickly filled up for the immigration officer.

Sydney International Airport.
Sydney International Airport.

After that, it was the slow process of going through the Xray. The queue we were at was moving slowly as the stringent officers were scanning through the baggages very carefully. We had no problem with ours and went through smoothly when it was our turn.

Then it was more shopping at Sydney Duty Free and Australian Produce store to get nougats, the ever so famous foodstuff from Oz. Went to the collection point to pick up the online purchase of ipad mini and picked up lunch. Flight was delayed 15 mins due to plane’s late arrival but else it was an 8hrs back, Home Sweet Home.

This revisit some decades later was quite a fulfilling trip. Managed to do most of the planned activities though some weren’t really up to perceived expectations. The downside were that costs were really high, that driving was quite a challenge and stores closed early. However the lovely cool weather most of the time and the long daylight hours allowed for much more activities to be carried out made the moments for this trip.