Seychelles 2018 Day 10 – Beau Vallon beach

Our last day in Seychelles started at 8 when K woke up for milk and didn’t want to return to bed. We decided to go to Beau Vallon for breakfast and some beach fun. 5mins drive and we arrived at a carpark opposite Coral Strand Resort. Then it was a short walk to the car free path to the beach. Only realized a much closer carpark that was close to La Plage restaurant upon walking on the street.

Morning view from the villa.
End of the road for the cars.
Walking street along Beau Vallon beach.
Carpark opposite La Plage restaurant.

There was supposed to be a bazaar but since it was still early there weren’t much stalls up and running. We walked past a few restaurants that were still closed until a La Plage restaurant that had brunch available and a beach side sitting area. Ordered an egg benedict, fruit platter, a bowl of honey pops and yogurt and iced macchiato, all for a restaurant price of 512rupees. The food quality wasn’t the best, the cereals had bugs and were not crispy.

La Plage restaurant.
Fruits platter.
Egg benedict.
Iced Macchiato.
Book containing the invoice.
What we see from the table.
Beau Vallon beach pano.

After our breakfast that took awhile, almost 30mins of waiting, we proceeded to the Beau Vallon beach. The beach was long and had a lot of people but still there was plenty of space to run about. We liked the low water height even until a distance from the beach, the level was only waist high. At the same time, there were waves coming in that K thoroughly enjoyed crashing into them. Not much fishes we could see but as expected from a human dominated beach. There were enough shades, the sand was soft and slightly moist, good for sandcastles. Close proximity to food. We thought this was one of the best beach in Seychelles!

Panorama view of the Beau Vallon beach.
Nice day at the beach.

When K had enough of sand play and water, we went to the nearby burger stalls to takeaway a burger and chips for 50rupees and another to buy fried noodles for 50rupees too. Then we went to some stalls selling souvenirs to see if there were anything interesting before we went back to our car. The town was just starting to wake up but we need to go as there seemed to be a storm coming.

Packed noodles for lunch.
Burger takeaway.

On the way back, K fell asleep but awoke when we tried to bring him to the bed. After drinking milk, he wouldn’t return to sleep so we had lunch first. Then when we were done with all this and went to bed, he wouldn’t sleep. It was kinda hot as the aircon didn’t seemed to work so well since the place was too huge to cool down. After struggling for an hour or so, we decided to just go Eden island for a visit. On the way there, I filled the gas to full with 300rupees so that there was no need to top up before our red eye flight on early Monday morning.

Chicken and chips and fried noodles.
Chicken burger

Driving the car to Eden island too half an hour but K fell asleep soon after. I parked the car in Eden Plaza carpark and went down myself to check out the place. However as it was Sunday, nothing except the SPAR supermarket, a yogurt store and a minimart was opened. I explored the surroundings and took photos of the yachts parked at the water front and returned to the car. We were unable to get packet milks as these weren’t available at the supermarkets.

View from the drive to Eden Island.
Eden Plaza.
Lots of yacht parked at the waterfront.
Waterfront living next to the yacht.
Eden Island panorama.

Mommy decided we should visit the most northern point and so we drove along the east coast. There was STC hypermarket that we passed but it was closed as well by 430pm so we just continued on our joyride. Along the way, we saw a couple of nice beaches and people were all just enjoying them, spending time on the beach and water, family and all. I guessed this was what Seychelles was all about.

Scenery on the drive up north.

While we crossed the northern tip, K woke up and was feeling good. We went back to the apartment and spent some time utilizing the hammock overlooking the sea, welcoming the setting sun while role playing pirate ship. It was just fun time, precious moments before returning to harsh reality of rat race Singapore.

After taking a bath and peeling myself away from the beautiful sunset right presented on the veranda of the apartment, we drove back to closer carpark near La Plage restaurant and got off to look for dinner. Didn’t know if there was any restaurant but ended up buying street food, first ordering banana chips (50rupees per packet) to bring back home to Singapore and then BBQ fish for dinner, with rice and noodle and chicken on a stick for (200rupees). Mommy went back to La Plage restaurant to takeaway a scoop of vanilla icecream as promised to K and we then returned to the apartment.

Sunset view from our villa.
Twilight at Beau Vallon beach.
Walking street at night.
Fried banana snack stall.
Grilled fish.
Choices of fish to choose from.
Other supplements from the store.
Ice-cream in a plastic cup takeaway.
Unwrapping the fish.

Fed K his dinner after his icecream treat in the car and we had our fish which was really fresh and delicious and really worth it.

The night was spent packing the luggage and a day back for our transit in Colombo and more moments of pirate ship on the hammock before we called it a night. It would be a very tiring return beginning with a 530am flight to Colombo, and then a 1am flight on Tuesday morning to Singapore. K couldn’t get to sleep and I thought it must have been the heat. The overhead fan didn’t provide any comfort and was mostly useless against the mosquito net. Brought the standing fan over and finally the fidgeting stopped and we drifted to dreamland.