Paris 2011 Day 1/2 – Arrival in London and onwards to Paris, Sainte Chapelle and Paris city walk

Day 1
This was the first time we were on the Airbus A380 and we were drawn to the really huge screen in front of us! First impressions of the plane was good already!

Day 2 Arrived into Paris after the 2.5hrs on Eurostar from London. Immediately after depositing our luggage at our hotel, we took the metro to the Montparnasse for our train ride that we have booked online to Mont Saint Michel. Upon arrival at the station with 15mins left, we tried to retrieve our train tickets from the self service machine and was unable to retrieve our tickets (later we found out that the machine does not accept retrieval for bookings by AMEX and we should have gone to the customer service instead. We also couldn’t get it refunded by TGV)! By then we were late for our train and there wasn’t any more schedule to Mont Saint Michel already.

Since a day was created because the day trip was cancelled as we missed the train, we thought we would just spend the day in Paris for some attraction visits and shopping!