Anaheim 2018 Day 12 – Detour to Camarillo Premium Outlets and Disneyland Pier Hotel

It was the 2nd traveling day when we would stayed in a Disneyland hotel, to enjoy the resort. As usual, mommy woke up first to get the meals prepared while I was up later to pack the luggage. Bought some stuff from supermarket the day before to make some breakfast of muffin and eggs. However, the bread smelled a little bad and K had issues with that.

Later on, after having warmed up and fully awoke, he wanted to go to the playground. Earlier on, the ground was wetted by automatic sprayers and when he went down the slides, his bum landed on the muddy ground and stained his pants. But the son of the Airbnb owners, H, came joined him at the swing and the playground and he was a lot more muddier! K and H interacted, with H showing K where to play and how to get down the spiral slide and K was mostly showing off his toy. They also went up to the watch tower for a little while, as I loaded up all the luggage.

30 Past 11am and finally we were hitting the roads, bidding farewell after this short but amusing playtime between the 2. Didn’t visit the beach at Pismo Beach.

We decided on an adhoc visit to another outlet since we didn’t have enough for the first one and the drive to Camarillo was about 2hrs. Took the highway instead of the coastal road unlike the previous day to get there quicker but was able to past beside the coastal town of Santa Barbara and caught a view of the coast. At around 130pm, we went to In-and-Out burger which was just a few mins drive from the outlet to have our lunch.

Passing by Santa Barbara

Parked at the open air free carpark and went in. While K ate his lunch, I ordered a Cheeseburger with fries. There weren’t other burgers except beef and so mommy only ate the fries. The burger tasted good, with the beef patty being crispy and the fries were nice too, the taste of potato accentuated! It was pretty affordable with the meal only costing about $7ish since we only bought one meal.

In-N-Out burger
Cheese burger meal

After lunch, we drove to Camarillo and parked at the free car park just in front of Tory Burch. There weren’t many people around which was great! We spent some time there and ended with some more purchases before moving on the Polo Ralph and Old Navy. K enjoyed the shopping at Old Navy as there was a hop scotch on the ground for him to skip about. Although we planned as a short visit, we ended up leaving the place at 430pm.

At Camarillo Outlets
Skipping inside Old Navy store

The drive to Disneyland Paradise Pier Hotel was a 2hr drive marred by heavy traffic, even though the distance was a just under 80miles. No matter which route I tried, there was just red lined jams. As we left, we passed through Ventura and in the distance found dark smoke coming out from mountains in the near distance. The winds were blowing away in favor of the LA city and thankfully clear skies prevail.

Bellowing thick smokes from the forest fires

Made a mistake of taking the smaller route which ended up taking more time, with the multiple stop-go due to traffic, and made worse with a train running through. Managed to get back onto the freeway and ended up Anaheim Plaza for a quick stop by at Ulta Beauty for mommy to shop for some cosmetics and K to use the toilet. Then a short drive to Noodle House at Euclid Plaza around 630pm, mins drive from the hotel and place where we ate dinner. Ordered Fried rice and signature noodles for total of 30dollars.

Alta Beauty at Anaheim Plaza
Inside huge Ulta Beauty
Noodle house restaurant
Fried Rice
Signature Noodles

The drive to Disneyland hotel was a little confusing and ended up in the theme park carpark. Check with the staff and he advised the directions and luckily the car park charges would begin after 15mins. After routing back to the sheltered carpark ($20 for one night), we checked in and was given a really high floor with a view of the park. I forgotten that I have taken the package with the concierge that had food all day, and by that time it was already closed for an hour already by the time we arrived at 9pm. Quickly brought all the luggage up to the room and after a while of rest and playing with the big beach ball soft toy, we went to the pool deck at level 3 to catch the fireworks.

Goofy Statue
For Kids to sit around and catch cartoons
Big room
With bathtub
For us
For K
Coffee machine in room
Lamp in the room
Room view

There was already a small crowd seated out in the open air deck facing in the direction of Disneyland. A couple of minutes and music started to play, all in anticipation of the fireworks show. And all hopes of a night sky spectacular were dashed when the staff informed everyone that the fireworks were cancelled due to the windy conditions.

Fireworks level
Pool deck for fireworks viewing

The elevator was packed with people and the automated load distribution of the elevator wasn’t helping. We ended up taking the stairs down to the ground floor where picked up something from the car before taking the lift back to the room.

The night ended with the usual bath time and a dose of Disney cartoons before going to bed.