South Korea 2011 Day 10 – Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff, Teddy Bear Museum, Sanbangsan and flight from Jeju to Seoul

This was our room view in the day
View of the Yongmeori Coast from the temple
A panoramic view

South Korea 2011 Day 9 – Seongsan Ilchulbong, Manjanggul Lava Cave, Sangumburi Crater, Jeju Folk Museum and Haenyeo Woman Divers

View from a top of the Seongsan Ilchulbong, also known as Sunrise Peak! We were here early in the morning to catch the sunrise but the weather wasn’t playing nice and so we couldn’t see any sun. This was the shot of the crater of this tuff cone, so huge I could only capture it all by shooting multiple shots and stitching them into a panoramic one when back on my laptop.
Also from the top, the view on the other side showed the surrounding Jeju landscape. I was still wishing for the weather to be better.
Slightly less than left an hour of drive from Seongsan Ilchulbong brought us to Manjanggul Lava tube, the 2nd longest of such tunnel in Jeju. A Lava tube is a naturally formed tunnel that used to be the route of molten lava as it exits from a volcano and flows underneath the hardened surface of previous lava flow.
We visited another crater, called the Sangumburi Crater. This crater was very big! The size of it can only be captured with a panoramic shot of it!

South Korea 2011 Day 8 – Flight to Jeju, Mysterious Road, Miniature Park and Rocks

Busan airport for flight to Jeju on Jejuair.
Our breakfast before out exploring
Hanging squid on one of the shops at Jeju
Chinese translation of Yongduam Rock.
Yongduam Rock did resembled a dragon head from certain angles.
Mermaid statue near Yongduam rock.
Dol hareubang statues which were commonly seen in on Jeju island
…Which is a small car on Jeju island. My preference always as I would not dared to drive a big one.
The dashboard of our ride…
Visited one Samseonghyeol Shrine
Where 3 demigods came out from the ground from these 3 holes at Samseonghyeol Shrine, forming 3 clans with the same family names as them.
We also drove to this Mysterious Road on Jeju Island, how mysterious is this road? At this road, the start point marked by the sign, it looked liked the road is going downwards. However, if you leave you car on neutral gear and release the brakes, the car would travel upwards (against gravity)! This phenomenon was explained as it was apparently an optical illusion! Check out the photos online as I didn’t take a good one…
Visited a theme park called Miniature ParkThis was the entrance. The park had miniature versions of various world famous landmarks.


A lovely fountain
Miniature Forbidden City of Beijing, China
Miniature Neuschwanstein Castle of Munich
Head banging dinosaurs
Moai statues when you can’t get to Easter Island
The Redeemer of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil was here as well
Jeanneke Pis of Amsterdam
There were a few popular waterfalls on Jeju island. We visited the Jeongbang Falls, pictured here, quite a nice one near the coast!
Panoramic view of the surroundings near the Oedolgae rock.
View of the Oedolgae Rock protruding out of the water, an impressive rock column that was formed naturally
The area near the Oedolgae rock had a nice walk path next to the coast
This was also a shoot location for a particularly popular Korean drama Dae Jang Guem
Quite spacious room of Seongsanpo Village, which we requested phone number from Korea Tourism Organization Singapore Office to make a booking. This location was very close to the Seongsan Ilchulbong peak
Took the smaller bedroom to sleep in
There was a restaurant on the ground floor of the accommodation, which served really good seafood
The accommodation signboard Seongsanpo Village next to the carpark.
We had our dinner at the restaurant. Side dishes for dinner
Seafood kimschi soup
Vegatables and eggs
Close up view of the abalone, shell so shiny!