Escape Plan to Munich 2011

A brief summary on the itinerary

Escape Plan to Munich 2011:

Total duration 4D3N
Singapore is 6hrs ahead of Munich.
Flight time is 12hrs on Lufthansa from Singapore to Munich.

Morning flight is on Lufthansa on 17th December at 11.59pm and arrival in Munich at 6:05am.
Return flight is on Lufthansa on the 20th December at 7:05pm and arrival in Frankfurt at 8:15pm and  transfer to 10:05pm flight and arrival at 4:55pm in Singapore on the 21st December.

Day 1 – Arrival at Munich, Erding, Neuschwanstein Castle and Hofbrauhaus
Day 2 – Xmas markets in Munich and dinner with the awesome folks of Erdinger
Day 3 – Erdinger factory tour, Erding Xmas market and Home Sweet home

This escape plan was a free trip that I won over a Facebook contest jointly held by Erdinger and Lufthansa. A trip to Erding a couple of days before Xmas to get the Xmasy feel with snow and a drive to Munich and Neuschwanstein was a perfect end to a great year of escapes.

Budget nature: Affordable in this particular escape.

With the tickets and accommodation already taken care of, its just some of the beers that we would need to pay for.

Complexity: Easy to get around with public transportation and driving on the Autobahn.

It was very simple to get from Erding to Munich using the train and driving on the Autobahn even during snow was not difficult, though it was a first. Of course, we had free transfer to and from the airport.


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