The page was initially started in Blogger. I had only completed one travelogue and when I mentioned it to my good old friend about it, he enthusiastically advise me to shift it to another portal that has more to offer and thus more creativity options.

He goes on to help me start anew, migrated whatever I had done, did the setup including the overall designs and structure of the blog. And even started with a comment entry. All within a day! A proven expert in his field of work!

Rendell! Thanks bro! You make my day (and my blog)!

2 thoughts on “Credits

  1. May I have your permission to put your Malioboro by night photo into a book on exciting streets? It’s being produced by a land use planning firm, MIG, Inc. Would the credit line run “Escapes from the Little Red”?

    thanks so much.

    • ziyi

      Ok, thank you for seeking approval and the appreciation.

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